Let's organise all your member feedback in one place, with better analytics

You've got too many channels for feedback – requests, feedback, support, whistleblowing and suggestions. Let's bring them all together in one dashbaord.

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Fill the gaps in your response to members, staff, volunteers and contractors.

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Improve the efficiency of your team and experience of your members.

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Avoid costly expenses when things go unreported or fall through the cracks.

Peak bodies like yours often have multiple channels to receive feedback. Your job is to listen. When you hear about things, you’re often very quick to act and you have the expertise to know what to do next.

The only gap in this process is that most peak bodies don’t hear about issues until it’s too late.

Or a critical report gets lost in the wrong feedback channel. It should have been prioritised or brought to your attention faster but instead it got lost in the wrong place.

Elker is designed to fix these issues and make it easier for you to provide a better service for your members, and avoid big accidents by catching small accidents early.

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We can help you map your existing pathways and provide options for achieving a centralised and effective feedback system.

Elker simple reporting channels tell us anything

Tell us anything

A general reporting pathway designed to capture and respond to:

  • Sensitive issues
  • Requests for advice
  • Feedback
  • Fresh ideas

As with all our pathways reporters may remain anonymous, choose their responder and opt in or out of follow-up.



Gain insight with automated and custom analysis:

  • De-identified data is collected across reporting pathways.
  • Spot risk, highlight trends and monitor ongoing issues.
  • Dashboards are fully customisable or available in a standarised format.

Use analytics to simplify organisational reporting requirements on ESG.

Elker insights with automated and custom data analytics and reporting
Elker case management tools

Case Management

Contacts are equipped with a range of tools to progress a matter:

  • Encrypted messaging to communicate via 2-way chat
  • Privacy-centric sharing controls
  • Case notes to assist with documentation and handover
  • Custom workflows to fit requirements

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