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What does this platform do?

This Speak Safely portal has been created for the University of Melbourne to help you speak safely about sexual assault, harassment and other forms of inappropriate behaviour to access support, take notes, or seek action from the University of Melbourne. If you make a report, you will be contacted to discuss next steps. You may not be ready to report something straight away but would like to put it on record for yourself via the Diary Note pathway.

You have the choice to remain anonymous. The University will take all reasonable steps to respect and protect your anonymity.

All information you submit is treated confidentially, except where the University has a specific legal obligation or duty of care to protect individuals’ safety.

Information on how we keep your information secure can be found in our Data Security Notice.

Information about the University’s management of information can be found in our Privacy Collection Notice.

Content Warning

The Speak Safely Portal contains content that some users may find distressing. We understand that you may be experiencing trauma/difficulties as part of making this report. If you require additional support, please contact confidential services provided by the Safer Community Program.


About Elker and its role

Elker is a software platform and digital tool to help users speak safely.

Elker partners with the University of Melbourne to protect and encrypt the information you send through the portal. You control the information you choose to send, and you can select when the information is sent.

As a neutral platform, Elker allows you to remain anonymous and keep your information confidential. If you choose to remain anonymous, you can communicate with your nominated contact person via Elker’s encrypted two-way chat.