Trusted pathway for reporting, feedback, support and analytics

Elker provides a central space for people to speak safely. 
We enable organisations to allocate resources for effective resolutions.

Speak up safely with anonymous, secure and encrypted reporting

Accept anonymous reports
Clarify and respond to incidents via an encrypted two way chat
Provide a secure and safe space for dialogue

Streamlined case management

One central dashboard to manage matters across your entire organisation.
Connect your existing support network
Automated allocation and escalation

Mitigate risk with detailed tracking

Time-stamped records to keep track
Monitor progress of matters confidentially
Know how to act and what the cost is

Gather honest, realtime feedback

Micro-surveys track feedback between cultural and pulse surveys
Connect to your survey software
Follow up responses with two-way chat

Validate your actions and track your progress

Poll your team to see whether action taken was effective
Monitor sentiment across projects and initiatives

Privacy and trust. Your data is secure.

Choose where your data is stored
Monitor access logs
Bulletproof, industry-standard encryption
For the organisation

Gain insight with automated analysis

Capture and compare data across multiple inputs
Identify trends and monitor ongoing issues
Export charts and data