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Elker equips peak bodies, charities and organisations with tools for receiving member feedback and complaints. Empower your members and community to speak up about misconduct with anonymous reporting and comprehensive case management.

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Organisations don't properly centralise data from feedback
Clients and members don't know where to take their reports, suggestions or feedback
The average cost of PR, legal and investigation costs where early detection of issues went unnoticed.

The importance of misconduct reporting in peak bodies

Misconduct reporting tools like Elker enhance organisations' accountability and transparency. These tools provide a secure and confidential channel for members and the community to disclose various issues, including fraud, corruption, sexual harassment, and discrimination, ensuring that these concerns do not go unnoticed and are addressed promptly.

In 2017, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) reported a 42% increase in complaints, not necessarily indicating a rise in misconduct but rather highlighting the growing awareness and use of reporting tools. This surge underscores the critical need for addressing issues within the not-for-profit and peak body sectors, ensuring that organisations operate ethically and effectively.

The most frequent complaints reported to the ACNC relate to fraud, lack of transparency, mismanagement, and governance issues, with a significant 42% concerning directors' duties. Anonymous reporting tools are essential in ensuring these issues are promptly identified, thoroughly investigated, and resolved, enhancing the overall integrity and operation of organisations.

From December 12, 2023, all Australian entities, including businesses, NGOs, and peak bodies, must ensure positive duty compliance with the Sex Discrimination Act Respect@work reforms. This legislation grants the Australian Human Rights Commission authority to investigate systemic unlawful misconduct. Elker supports organisations in meeting these new requirements by providing a proactive platform for reporting misconduct and conducting pulse surveys. This assistance is crucial in eliminating issues of sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination, helping to foster safer and more inclusive work environments.


Misconduct reporting software tailored for peak bodies

Misconduct reporting software is an essential part of the toolkit for peak bodies, charities and organisations committed to combating fraud, corruption and sexual harassment. Elker stands out as a preventive measure, aiding in the early detection of internal issues. Elker helps to avert extensive costs and complications associated with legal disputes and minimises damage to your organisation's reputation and ethical standing.

File an anonymous report on the Elker platform

Anonymous reporting

Secure channel: Elker's whistleblowing software provides a confidential platform for members and representatives to report misconduct, ensuring anonymity and safety.

Diverse issues addressed: From fraud and corruption to sexual harassment and discrimination, Elker handles a wide range of concerns, ensuring they are brought to light and addressed.

Custom workflows for case management | Elker

Comprehensive case management

Efficient handling: Streamline the process of managing reports, ensuring timely and appropriate responses to each case.

Detailed records: Maintain thorough records of each case, ensuring organisational transparency and accountability.

Pulse surveys and culture audit platform | Elker

Pulse surveys

Regular feedback: Conduct periodic culture audits to gauge the climate within the organisation, identifying potential issues before they escalate.

Actionable insights: Use feedback to make informed decisions for improving the organisational environment.

Comprehensive whistleblowing case management | Elker

Advanced triage

Prioritised concerns: Ensure severe and urgent reports are addressed promptly with Elker’s advanced triage system.

Effective allocation: Allocate resources efficiently to handle reports, ensuring each concern is addressed adequately.

Real-time data reporting and analytics | Elker

Real-time analytics

Immediate insights: Gain instant access to data and analytics regarding reports and feedback, aiding in swift and informed decision-making.

Trend identification: Identify and analyse trends in reports, helping to address systemic issues within the organisation.

2-way encrypted chat for anonymous reporting | Elker

Compliance assistance

Meet legal requirements: Ensure your organisation complies with the latest regulations, including the Positive Duty under the Sex Discrimination Act, Workplace Health and Safety regulations, whistleblowing laws, and Respect@Work reforms.

Proactive approach: Take a proactive stance in eliminating workplace issues, preventing legal complications and ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

Connect to nominated case resolvers | Elker

Collaboration with legal experts

Expert assistance: Elker enables seamless sharing of reports with legal experts, ensuring your organisation has comprehensive legal insight for every case.

Holistic approach: Integrate legal expertise directly into the reporting and resolution process, ensuring all actions taken are legally sound and thorough.

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Ensuring anonymity and security

Robust security protocols: Elker adheres to ISO27001 standards, with regular third-party penetration testing to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

End-to-end encryption: Safeguard all data, at rest or in transit, with industry-leading encryption standards, ensuring confidentiality and security.

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