Lead in compliance and safety with Elker's anonymous reporting and feedback tools

Elker empowers Australian businesses with essential tools for compliance and workplace integrity. Address misconduct, sexual harassment and discrimination effectively, aligning with Respect at Work reforms through secure reporting, comprehensive case management, pulse surveys and analytics.

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reported experiencing economic crime in the past 24 months
The cost of replacing an employee is approx 1.5 times their annual salary.
Billions in lost productivity connected to sexual harassment.

Ensuring compliance with Elker

Elker simplifies compliance for Australian businesses, addressing key legislations and reforms in one platform. In fact, we're the only platform that ensures alignment with all of the following

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Sex Discrimination Act 1984

Meet the positive duty compliance requirements with Elker's robust reporting and case management tools.

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Workplace Health and Safety and the Fair Work Act 2009

Prioritise psychosocial safety and reduce workplace sexual harassment, violence and discrimination.

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Whistleblowing & the Corporations Act 2001

Seamlessly investigate workplace grievances and issues, ensuring transparency and trust.

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The new Aged Care Act

Align with whistleblower protections in the new Aged Care Act.


Clear insights. Secure reporting. Safer workplaces.

Elker is more than just an anonymous reporting platform. It's a comprehensive workplace solution equipped with pulse surveys and analytics, designed to ensure Australian businesses remain compliant and foster a safe working environment.

File an anonymous report on the Elker platform

Detect misconduct and resolve workplace issues

Whistleblowing: Elker's whistleblowing software features a truly anonymous environment for employees to report harassment, discrimination, and fraud.

Two-way chat: Facilitates real-time feedback and discussions, allowing employees to provide additional information or seek clarity without compromising their identity.

Search & filtering: Advanced tools to sift through reports effortlessly, ensuring prompt responses to critical issues and helping in prioritising concerns.

Comprehensive whistleblowing case management | Elker

Comprehensive triage and reporting pathways

Case management: Transition anonymous reports into trackable cases, ensuring all reports are addressed and fostering trust within the organisation.

Customisable workflows: Adapt the software to suit unique organisational processes, ensuring seamless integration.

Exportable reports: Simplify data extraction for analysis or sharing, ensuring data integrity with secure exports.

Connect to nominated case resolvers | Elker

Seamless collaboration with legal experts

Expert assistance: Elker's platform allows for easy sharing of reports with third-party professionals, such as advisors, mediators, or lawyers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resolution.

Secure data transfer: Ensure that data remains confidential and secure while collaborating with external experts.

Holistic approach: Encourage a well-rounded approach to dispute resolution by integrating the expertise of legal professionals directly into the case management process.

Real-time data reporting and analytics | Elker

Trends and analytics

Real-time dashboard: Access comprehensive insights into workplace trends, highlighting areas needing intervention.

Data-driven insights: Enhance decision-making and promote a proactive approach to risk management.

Exportable data: Ensure seamless sharing and analysis with data that can be easily shared in a user-friendly format.

Pulse surveys and culture audit platform | Elker

Pulse surveys

Real-time sentiments: Capture the heartbeat of your organisation, understanding employee morale and areas needing attention.

Culture surveys: Facilitate concise and in-depth examinations of organisational culture, driving proactive measures for workplace enhancement.

Feedback and growth: After case completion, short surveys gather insights into case management effectiveness, fostering continuous improvement.

2-way encrypted chat for anonymous reporting | Elker

Ensuring anonymity and security

Robust security protocols: Adherence to ISO27001 standards and regular third-party penetration testing ensures vulnerabilities are swiftly identified and rectified.

End-to-end encryption: All data, whether at rest or in transit, is safeguarded using industry-standard best practice algorithms.

Data retention: Custom processes for each client ensure data is retained in compliance with strict legislative standards, with storage within your business's national jurisdiction.

Share reports to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Elker

Compliance with Australian workplace legislations

All-in-one solution: Elker is the only platform that ensures alignment with all four major Australian workplace legislations and reforms.

Stay updated: With changing regulations, Elker ensures businesses remain compliant, meeting every regulatory demand.

Tailored for Australia: Designed with Australian businesses in mind, ensuring adherence to the Positive Duty under the Sex Discrimination Act, Corporations Act, Workplace Health and Safety regulations, whistleblowing laws, Respect@Work reforms and Closing Loopholes.

Why Elker?

Safeguarding your business' integrity and trust

Non-compliance, employee misconduct and toxic workplaces can cost Australian businesses significantly. Beyond the immediate financial burden, they can lead to decreased employee retention, with talented individuals leaving for more inclusive environments. Litigation can be costly, consuming resources and damaging a company's reputation. This reputational harm can impact partnerships, customer trust, and market positioning.

Elker offers a solution to these challenges. With its advanced whistleblowing, anonymous reporting and feedback tools, Elker helps businesses detect and address workplace concerns early. This proactive approach ensures compliance with Respect at Work reforms and cultivates a speak-up culture where employees feel secure and valued. By integrating Elker, businesses are better positioned to manage the complexities of the modern workplace, maintaining a resilient, compliant, and thriving environment.

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