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Designed to adapt to your organisation, Elker provides whistleblowing software, surveys, analytics, case management and more tools to foster open communication and a safe workplace - on iOS, Android and the web.
Illustration of Elker's anonymous reporting platform with whistleblowing software and employee surveys

Overview of our features and modules

File an anonymous report on the Elker platform

Anonymous reporting

Elker's cornerstone feature is its anonymous reporting capability. This capability ensures a safe, transparent environment where employees can provide feedback and report issues such as workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, fraud, and misconduct without fearing retaliation.

  • Promote a transparent and safe platform for internal whistleblowing disclosures and for employees to voice their concerns.
  • Alleviate fears of retaliation with truly anonymous reporting software.
  • Enhance workplace integrity and proactively manage risks.
2-way encrypted chat for anonymous reporting | Elker

Two-way chat and messaging

Two-way chat and messaging are integral to Elker's anonymous reporting tool. This interactive feature allows employees to provide additional information, seek clarity, or get real-time feedback without compromising anonymity. It bridges the gap between employees and management, fostering open communication while maintaining confidentiality.

  • Enable direct, anonymous interactions between reporting parties and management.
  • Facilitate real-time feedback and discussions.
  • Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of information relay.
Anonymous reporting search and filtering options | Elker

Search, filtering and sorting

Elker's incident management software features advanced search, filtering, and sorting capabilities. These tools allow HR personnel and the management teams to sift through reports effortlessly, ensuring prompt responses to critical issues and helping in prioritising concerns based on urgency or category.

  • Easily navigate reports and feedback submitted via the platform or offline.
  • Categorise and prioritise reports for quicker resolution.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your incident management.
Comprehensive whistleblowing case management | Elker

Case management

Case Management is central to the efficacy of Elker's whistleblowing software. Once an anonymous report is made, your team can transition it into a case that can be tracked, monitored, and managed until resolution. This systematic approach ensures that all reports are addressed, fostering trust and compliance within the organisation.

  • Provide a structured approach to address and resolve reports.
  • Enhance accountability and transparency in the resolution process.
  • Ensure every report is addressed.
Real-time data reporting and analytics | Elker

Real-time data and reporting dashboard

With Elker, organisations access a comprehensive and real-time data and reporting dashboard. This feature offers insights into workplace trends, highlighting areas needing intervention. It's a key component in workplace risk management, enabling proactive measures to safeguard an organisation's reputation.

  • Visualise trends and identify areas of concern.
  • Enhance decision-making with data-driven insights.
  • Promote a proactive approach to risk management.
Export data reports for governance | Elker

Exportable reports

Elker's system ensures that all data can be easily exported in a user-friendly format, allowing seamless sharing and analysis. Whether for internal review or sharing with external advisors and lawyers, Elker guarantees that data extraction is effortless and secure.

  • Simplify data extraction for analysis or sharing.
  • Ensure data integrity with secure exports.
  • Facilitate collaboration and third-party review.
Elker anonymous reporting mobile app view

iOS and Android apps

Accessibility is vital. Elker understands this, offering a dedicated mobile app that brings the full suite of its anonymous reporting tool to employees' fingertips. Whether they wish to file a report, engage in a confidential chat, or view updates, they can now do so anytime, anywhere.

  • Enables reporting on the go for increased accessibility.
  • Seamless experience across devices.
  • Stay connected and updated, irrespective of location.
Custom workflows for case management | Elker

Customisable workflows

Every organisation has its unique processes. Elker's customisable workflows cater to these distinct needs, allowing companies to mould the software's structure in line with their operational procedures. It's about ensuring smooth integration and enhanced efficiency in incident management.

  • Adapt the software to suit organisational processes.
  • Streamline operations for optimal efficiency.
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing protocols.
Personalised notifications on the Elker platform

Personalised alerts and notifications

Stay informed and act swiftly with Elker's personalised alerts and notifications. This feature ensures that key personnel are promptly alerted to new reports, updates, or changes, allowing for timely action and addressing issues before they escalate.

  • Enables timely response to new reports.
  • Custom alerts for priority and categorisation.
  • Keep relevant personnel informed at all times.
Permissions and access roles | Elker

User roles and permissions

Different personnel require different levels of access. Elker's customisable user roles allow organisations to define and manage role-based permissions, ensuring that data access is relevant and restricted for enhanced security.

  • Define access based on organisational roles.
  • Enhance data security by controlling permissions.
  • Ensure relevance in data access.
Whistleblowing report template questions | Elker

Pre-vetted reporting question templates

Crafting the right questions can be challenging. Elker simplifies this with pre-vetted reporting question templates. Based on years of expertise, these templates ensure that reports capture all necessary information in an organised and comprehensive manner.

  • Simplify report creation with expert templates.
  • Ensure comprehensive data capture for effective resolution.
  • Save time and avoid oversight in report compilation.
Employee anonymous report survey | Elker

Evaluation surveys

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement, and Elker’s Evaluation Surveys offer just that. After the completion of a case, these short surveys are dispatched to gather insights into how effectively the case was managed. It's a chance for employees to voice their satisfaction or pinpoint areas that need refinement. This iterative feedback loop ensures that the anonymous reporting software is consistently refined, improving the overall experience and providing optimal case management.

  • Gather direct feedback on case management effectiveness.
  • Foster an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Reassure employees that their opinions and experiences matter.
Connect to nominated case resolvers | Elker

Sharing reports with advisors, mediators, and lawyers

Sometimes, external expertise is vital. Elker makes it straightforward to share reports with third-party professionals, such as advisors, mediators, or lawyers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resolution while maintaining data security.

  • Facilitate collaboration with external experts.
  • Ensure secure data transfer and sharing.
  • Encourage a holistic approach to dispute resolution.
Connect your HR, Risk, Legal and internal resolution teams | Elker

Secure report sharing within your organisation

Elker advocates transparency while valuing discretion. Our feature for sharing reports ensures that while data remains accessible for internal reviews, it's done so without compromising anonymity or the sanctity of information.

  • Promote transparent internal reviews.
  • Uphold the integrity and anonymity of reports.
  • Simplify collaboration while ensuring data security.
Share reports to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Elker

Connect to your EAP

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is crucial to workplace wellness. Elker's feature to connect directly to your EAP ensures that employees have immediate access to the support and resources they need.

  • Foster employee well-being with immediate EAP access.
  • Streamline referral processes for quicker support.
  • Enhance employee trust and support mechanisms.
Workplace training programs and resolution coaching | Elker

Integrated training programs

Continuous education is critical. Elker offers integrated training programs that educate employees on reporting protocols, workplace rights, and the tools at their disposal, ensuring a well-informed workforce that knows its rights and responsibilities.

  • Empower employees with knowledge and training.
  • Reduce workplace incidents through informed action.
  • Strengthen the organisational culture of transparency and respect.
Pulse surveys and culture audit platform | Elker

Pulse and culture surveys

Understanding the heartbeat of an organisation is paramount for its success. With Elker's Pulse and Cultural Surveys, businesses can audit their company culture and identify risks early on. Whether a concise pulse check or a more detailed cultural audit, these surveys capture invaluable insights into workplace morale, satisfaction, and areas needing attention. By regularly gauging the organisational climate, leaders can make informed decisions to foster a more inclusive, positive, and productive environment.

  • Capture real-time sentiments of employees.
  • Facilitate both concise and in-depth examinations of organisational culture.
  • Drive informed, proactive measures for workplace enhancement.

Missing feature?

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