Tackle sexual harassment and assault on campus with Elker's speak-up software

Elker equips Australian universities and TAFEs with the tools to protect the safety and wellbeing of their students and staff. Combat sexual assault on campus and create a culture of transparency and respect with secure reporting, real-time analytics, and comprehensive case management.

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1 in 20
Have been sexually assaulted in Australian universities.
Less than 1/3
Australian universities have implemented transparent measures and reporting processes.
1 in 20
Only 1/20 sexual assaults were formally reported.

The prevalence of sexual assault in Australian universities: a call to action

The 2021 National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) paints a grim picture of the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in Australian universities. Nearly one-third of university students have experienced sexual assault at least once in their lifetime, with 4.5% experiencing it in a university context since starting their studies. The rates are alarmingly higher among female, transgender, and non-binary students. Sexual harassment is also rampant, affecting one in two students at least once in their lifetime.

Reporting rates are dismally low, with only 3.0% of students who experienced sexual harassment and 5.6% who experienced sexual assault making a formal report to their university. The reasons for not reporting are varied, including the belief that their experience wasn't serious enough or would be too hard to prove. Those who did report had mixed experiences with the university's reporting or complaint processes, leading to a lack of trust in the system. The National Student Safety Survey underscores the need for comprehensive and urgent action. 

In 2023, the Respect at Work Bill came into effect, mandating a new positive duty in the Sex Discrimination Act. Universities must eliminate all sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination on campus. Universities must acknowledge the role of gender and other intersecting factors in driving sexual harassment and assault. They must take proactive measures to improve inclusivity and create safe learning environments, especially for vulnerable groups such as gender and sexuality-diverse students, and those with disabilities. The time for change is now; universities have a legal and moral responsibility to act.

Speak-up software is crucial for campus safety

Speak-up software like Elker is an essential part of the toolkit for TAFE and universities committed to combating sexual harassment and assault on campus. By providing a secure and anonymous platform for reporting incidents, Elker facilitates open communication and early detection of issues.

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Proactive incident detection

Real-time reporting: Elker's anonymous reporting platform allows for immediate reporting of incidents, enabling universities and TAFE to act promptly before issues escalate.

Analytics dashboard: Gain instant insights into the types of incidents being reported, allowing for targeted interventions.

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Comprehensive triage and case management

Advanced triage: Elker's advanced algorithms categorise incidents based on severity and type, ensuring that each report is directed to the appropriate department for action.

Case management tools: Streamline the entire process of handling reports, from investigation to resolution, ensuring that each case is dealt with effectively.

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Real-time analytics for trend analysis

Data-driven insights: Use Elker's analytics tools to identify patterns and trends in reported incidents, enabling proactive measures to enhance campus safety.

Customisable reports: Tailor analytics to focus on specific time frames, departments, or types of incidents, providing a more nuanced understanding of campus safety.

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Post-incident surveys for continuous improvement

Follow-up surveys: After an incident has been reported and resolved, Elker allows for automated surveys to gauge the effectiveness of the resolution process.

Continuous improvement: Use survey data to continually refine and improve your university's approach to handling incidents.

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Pulse surveys for ongoing safety assessment

Regular check-ins: Elker's pulse surveys provide a channel for students and staff to express their safety concerns, even if they haven't experienced a specific incident.

Trend monitoring: Consistent survey data allows universities to monitor the effectiveness of their safety initiatives over time.

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Robust security and privacy measures

End-to-end encryption: Elker ensures that all data is encrypted, safeguarding the anonymity and security of all users.

Local data storage: Elker stores your data in the national jurisdiction of your university, aligning with local data privacy regulations.

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