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Elker is an anonymous reporting platform that allows people to speak up about workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. Designed for businesses, universities and organisations, we provide a secure channel to communicate with your employees, students and members. Our platform offers tools that adapt to your organisation: anonymous reporting, surveys, analytics, case management and more.

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Our story

At the heart of Elker lies a clear principle: every person should have a space to speak openly, be genuinely understood, and find effective resolutions. Our founders, Shirli Kirschner and Jack Murray, bring their unique expertise to this shared vision.

Shirli Kirschner, with a background in law, mediation and dispute system design, worked at leading Australian law firms, including Allens and Gilbert & Tobin. As Director of Resolve Advisors, Shirli supported a range of businesses to develop early intervention systems that provide better outcomes for individuals needing support and was a leader in systems for the prevention and resolution of disputes. As a sessional Registrar at the Federal Circuit Court, Shirli saw how many businesses could resolve issues prior to court if only they had a way of knowing about them earlier.

Jack Murray combines his tech knowledge with a strong commitment to privacy. Jack was inspired to build Elker after learning from people firsthand about the struggles they faced when navigating challenges at university and at work. With his background in law and communication, Jack saw the need for a platform that provided more than just a communication outlet – one that offered genuine understanding and a supportive user experience for people experiencing difficulty.

Elker stands on three primary pillars:

  1. Transparency: Everyone should clearly understand processes and feel a part of them. 
  2. Agency: People should have control over their stories and be active in finding solutions. 
  3. Choice: We recognise that each incident is unique. Systems must be flexible for people to choose their course of action.

Elker offers:

  1. A trauma-informed approach: We handle each story with the sensitivity and understanding it deserves. 
  2. Expert guidance: With the help of legal professionals and Shirli’s rich mediation experience, we provide comprehensive guidelines. 
  3. Adaptive flexibility: In recognising the diversity of business structures and needs, our software modules were designed to adapt to any organisation.
  4. Tailored analytics: Our custom analytics provide businesses with unique insights to identify workplace trends and ensure alignment with local laws.
  5. A progressive workplace culture: With our collective experience, we encourage workplaces to adopt a proactive, agile approach, emphasising the importance of dialogue and early intervention.

Our journey at Elker is about honouring the many stories we've heard in workplaces, universities and organisations. It's about building an ecosystem where every voice, concern and hope finds its rightful echo. Welcome to Elker, where your voice truly matters.

Elker team

Built with decades of triage and dispute resolution experience

Elker brings together problem solvers, developers and designers with experience in making it easy to speak up.

Operations team

The people responsible for putting the pieces together and making client and reporter processes simple and secure.

  • Amit Shah


  • Bryan McLeod


  • Jack Murray

    Co-founder & CIO

  • Joe Villegas

    Customer Success

  • Shirli Kirschner

    Co-founder & COA

  • Zoe Rowan

    Client Implementation


A diverse board to keep the business safe and strategic.

  • Britt Bloom

    Strategy & Relationships

  • Jim Hassell


  • Peter Leonard

    Data & Security


Our expert network of consultants providing additional support for clients.

  • Claire Alder

    Investigator & mediator

  • David Bryson

    Change management, OH&S

  • David Toll

  • Dr. Rosemary Howell

    Professional services

  • Jacquie Wharton

    Inter-personal disputes

  • Lynora Brooke

    Conflict coaching

  • Steve Lancken

    Commercial mediator

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