Our Protocols

You always have the choice to remain anonymous

Anonymity is key to our product. People making a report are in control of this. You decide if and when to disclose your identity.

Data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest

Encryption with AES-256 standard means that your data is safe and cannot be read by anyone who’s not supposed to see it.

Data is stored locally

Data and the servers that process it are always within the country of the client, this means they are protected by local laws.

Sophisticated and privacy-focused logging

Logging makes sure that we keep a record of who had access to the system. We don’t log anything that can identify reporters or any details.

Privacy by design

Our software is built on the principles of Privacy by Design. This influences our whole product and makes it safer to use.

Reports are meta-data free

Whenever a report is submitted into Elker, we remove the meta-data that other websites use to track you.

Access is authenticated

For all clients we offer a range of options for securely authenticating into the system. This includes Single Sign On via OAuth or SAML, Multi-Factor Authentication and others.

We don’t mine or sell your data

Elker collects basic statistics about what has come in through the system. We never overstep the mark and we don’t sell your data to 3rd parties.