Centralised reporting

Capture all matters in one dashboard

One portal for all matters reduces confusion around the process and increases engagement.

Bullying, harassment and safety
Unfair treatment and discrimination
Automated allocation and escalation
Analytics and insights

Easily track feedback and see trends

Capture more data, pool it together across multiple inputs. Automated analysis and trend reports.

Full analytics dashboard
Monitor issues and trends
Export charts and data
More effective, lower cost

Automatic triage reduces staff costs

Elker automatically direct matters to the right person and keeps the reporter informed

Reports received and allocated instantly
Mobile and email notifications sent to reporter
Anonymity assured
Anonymous and safe

Reporter anonymity without the risk

Reporters can submit matters anonymous, then start a 2-way encrypted chat to provide more information.

Privacy by design
Anonynimity builds trust in the process
Protects reporter and empowers responder
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