Our team builds secure channels for a better reporting culture

Elker brings together problem solvers, developers and designers with experience in making it easy to speak up.

Operations team

The people responsible for putting the pieces together and making client and reporter processes simple and secure.

Amit Shah Elker CFO

Amit Shah


Ashne Amoils Elker Implementation

Ashne Amoils

Technical Implementation

Bryan McLeod Elker Security

Bryan McLeod

System Architect & Security

Charlie Cummings Elker Design

Charlie Cummings

User Experience & Design

Jack Murray Elker Co-Founder and CIO

Jack Murray

Co-founder & CIO

Joe Villegas Elker Customer Success and Journey

Joe Villegas

Customer Success

Shirli Kirschner Elker Co-Founder and System Designer

Shirli Kirschner

Co-founder & COA

Zoe Rowan Elker Content and Client Manager

Zoe Rowan

Client Implementation


A diverse board to keep the business safe and strategic.

Britt Bloom Elker Strategy and Relationships

Britt Bloom

Strategy & Relationships

Jim Hassell Elker Chairperson

Jim Hassell


Peter Leonard Elker Data and Security

Peter Leonard

Data & Security


Our expert network of consultants for advice and support.

Clair Alder Elker Investigator and Mediator

Claire Alder

Investigator & mediator

David Bryson Change Management and OHS

David Bryson

Change management, OH&S

Jacquie Wharton Elker Interpersonal Disputes

Jacquie Wharton

Inter-personal disputes

Lynora Brooke Conflict Coaching

Lynora Brooke

Conflict coaching

Rosemary Howell Elker Professional Services

Dr. Rosemary Howell

Professional services

Steve Lancken Elker Commercial Mediator

Steve Lancken

Commercial mediator