Key outcomes

Simplify identification of incidents and improve your internal support processes

Over 60% of students don't know where to see support or make a report

Change the way that students view safety on campus

Over 92% of students who were sexually harassed did not seek support

Change the statistics and build a better place to study

Over 51% of students were sexually harassed in 2016

Flexible features for reporting and management

Elker's modules and key features can be packaged to suit your requirements

Tell us anything

A simple and powerful channel for listening when people want to talk about the good, the bad or the ugly.

Report Together

Safety in numbers. Sometimes it's easier coming forward when you know you're not alone.


Follow up anonymously on the effectiveness of new changes and iniatives, or keep track of how reporters feel their matters are being managed.


A secure, compliant channel to capture disclosures, identify whether whistleblowing protections apply and manage them through their lifecycle.

Case Management

Equip your team with a lean and powerful tool to manage reports and feedback as they come into the system


Gain insight into all your reporting channels and identify trends for active response. Automated and custom analysis available.

Complete the puzzle

Already have Teams, Slack or Culture Amp?

You’ve got your internal communications and surveys covered. Elker complements these tools by creating a safe place to report issues and reach resolution.

Already have an EAP?

EAPs are extremely useful for providing support on a range of issues and referral to services. However, EAPs often can't provide advice on navigating workplace issues, and they are not the place for new ideas for the business.

Already have a whistleblowing tool?

You’ve got the pointy end covered. Elker complements your whistleblowing system by creating a pathway for early intervention on issues before the whistle blows.

Roadblocks to reporting

  • In-person and email are not confidential.
  • Different departments and processes for different issues can often feel impenetrable.
  • Fear of retribution or judgement is common.
  • Unclear who it will be passed onto and what happens next.
  • Lack of transparency in the response, and a lack in confidence in the capacity of the sector to respond.

A better experience with Elker

  • Know you are in the right place with accessible and dedicated reporting pathways.
  • Control your privacy with optional anonymity.
  • Opt-in or out of follow-up.
  • Choose your responder or be directed to the person most informed to handle your matter.
  • Stay in touch, seek advice or progress the matter further with encrypted two-way chat.

Frequently asked questions

For a separate consultancy fee, we can assist your steering committee with system design and configuration. We can also assist in creating templates for data collection and checklists for your chosen responders.
Elker is an encrypted cloud-based platform that can be accessed using a QR code or link (including a link in the client’s intranet), or on a phone through the mobile app.
The Elker software is cloud-based and can be implemented simply and efficiently by our IT team. Our templates can provide a framework for implementation and our user testing protocols have been standardised.
There is a SaaS licensing fee which includes upgrades and support.