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Elker Co-Founder, Shirli Kirschner, Talks to Tracey Spicer on Game Changers

Discover Elker's innovative approach to reporting workplace issues with co-founder Shirli Kirschner. Watch the video below.
Shirli Kirschner from Elker speaks with Tracey Spicer on Game Changers


Appearing on Tracey Spicer's Game Changers, Shirli Kirschner, co-founder of Elker, discusses the platform's unique approach to early intervention in workplace issues. Highlighting the significance of anonymity and two-way communication, Kirschner shares how Elker aims to transform traditional reporting mechanisms, making it easier for individuals to voice concerns and for organisations to respond proactively.


Elker is a platform that allows individuals to speak up about workplace issues like sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. Beyond anonymous reporting, it offers tools for surveys, analytics, case management and reporting to foster open communication and compliance for Australian organisations.

For more information about workplace reporting, visit our article on the benefits of anonymous reporting in the workplace. For information about getting compliant with the new positive duty in the Sex Discrimination Act, visit our article explaining the positive duty guidelines.

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