Whispli vs Elker: Anonymous Reporting for Australian Businesses

Looking for a Whispli alternative? Elker might fit the bill, offering more advanced features and flexible reporting pathways tailored to your organisation, in-app legal assistance, and end-to-end encryption for trusted conversations. This article explores the whistleblowing system that best caters to the needs of Australian businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of workplace integrity and compliance.
Whispli vs Elker: Discover the leading whistleblowing system for Australian businesses

Comparison table

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Based in
Market focus
Anonymous reporting
Confidential reporting
Voice reporting
Pulse surveys
Advanced case management
iPhone/Android app
In-app legal expertise
Personalised onboardings
End-to-end encryption
Additional security
Meet compliance for
EU Directive (EU)
Corporations Act (AU)
Sex Discrimination Act (AU)
Price on request
Price on request
ISO27001, SOC2

The information in this table has been sourced from publicly available data.

Key features

For many companies, having a simple plug-and-play platform for receiving whistleblower disclosures is enough. While Whispli offers many great, standard features, Elker provides a range of customisations that will adapt to the unique structure of your organisation. Let's take a look at the key features and differences between the two platforms.

Anonymous reporting for trusted conversations

Both Whispli and Elker offer an anonymous reporting form for the disclosure of critical workplace issues, such as fraud, malpractice, corruption, work health and safety violations, security breaches, harassment and discrimination.

The main difference between the reporting tools of Elker and Whispli is the flexibility to customise reporting pathways. Elker allows both the organisation and user to determine the safest reporting pathway, meaning you can choose exactly who receives and manages your reports. This feature is particularly useful if your company operates in a number of locations, has many departments and teams, or if you have a complex organisational structure.

Elker's whistleblowing software offers a greater number of useful features, such as:

  • group reporting (the ability for 2 or more people to report together)
  • case progress monitoring,
  • multiple recipients of notifications
  • end-to-end encrypted live chat

thereby optimising time management and enhancing flexibility.

Compliance with Australian laws

While Whispli caters to an international market, Elker was built for Australian organisations to stay on top of, and ahead of, compliance regulations. This focus ensures that Elker is not just keeping pace with but staying ahead of changes in compliance regulations, providing Australian companies with the most current and relevant compliance solutions and training. Elker's dedication to the Australian market means it offers specialized support for compliance with key legislation, including:

  • Fair Work Act 2009: Ensuring fair work practices and conditions across all industries.
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984: Including adherence to the latest amendments for positive duty compliance as outlined in the Respect at Work Bill 2022, addressing sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Corporations Act 2001: Guiding corporate conduct and governance to ensure ethical and legal business operations.
  • Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013: Protecting whistleblowers who disclose information on actions that affect the public interest adversely.
  • New Aged Care Act: Addressing the specific compliance requirements of the aged care sector to ensure the safety and well-being of aged care recipients.

Developed by legal professionals with extensive experience in dispute resolution, Elker is uniquely positioned to assist Australian businesses in navigating the complexities of compliance, offering not just a platform for reporting but a comprehensive solution for staying compliant with Australian laws.

In-app legal network and third-party collaboration

Unlike Whispli, Elker stands out by offering direct access to a network of third-party professionals, including advisors, mediators, and lawyers, both internally and within the broader Elker network. This feature is designed to ensure that organisations can address complex cases with the appropriate level of expertise while maintaining the confidentiality and security of the data involved.

This approach not only simplifies the process of obtaining legal advice but also enhances the platform's capability to manage sensitive issues effectively. Through Elker, organisations can collaborate with legal experts to navigate the intricacies of compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring that every report is addressed with the appropriate legal consideration.

Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys and employee engagement surveys are valuable tools for understanding the dynamics within an organization, a feature that Whispli lacks. Through Elker's pulse surveys, organisations have the means to audit their company culture and proactively identify potential risk areas for improvement. These surveys are designed to capture real-time sentiments of employees, offering both concise pulse checks and comprehensive cultural audits. This feature enables leaders to gain invaluable insights into workplace morale and satisfaction, facilitating informed decisions that contribute to creating a more inclusive, positive, and productive work environment.


Unlike Whispli, Elker has built a suite of integrations with workplace wellness and compliance systems. It connects directly to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), ensuring employees have fast and confidential access to support when they need it.

Elker's commitment to education is evident through its integrated training programs. These initiatives equip employees with the knowledge they need about reporting mechanisms, their rights, and the tools at their disposal, aiming to reduce incidents through proactive, informed actions.

Custom integrations

Furthermore, Elker stands out with its ability to integrate seamlessly into an organisation's existing digital infrastructure. Whether through custom authentication solutions compatible with Google, Microsoft 360, or other systems, Elker ensures it fits perfectly within your organizational setup. This blend of wellness support, education, and technical integration makes Elker a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to enhance their compliance and support frameworks.

Security and data protection

Security and data protection are critical for both Whispli and Elker. Both solutions employ end-to-end encryption and adhere to ISO 27001-certified standards to safeguard client data. They ensure data is stored within their respective countries, meeting jurisdictional requirements, and both commit to regular security audits and penetration testing to maintain high defence levels against threats. Notably, neither uses third-party cookies or trackers, emphasising their commitment to user privacy.

User roles

Elker offers an additional layer of software security through customizable user roles and permissions, allowing organisations to precisely control data access. This feature ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel, enhancing overall security.

User-friendly interface

When searching for a comprehensive whistleblowing platform, the user experience is an important factor, Whispli and Elker are available as an iOS and Android app, along with the website application, meaning that users can make a report and manage cases on the go. Each company has a nice interface design, however, Elker takes the edge over Whispli for packing in more advanced features into a cleaner interface.

Pricing and value for money

Whispli and Elker have custom pricing. For Whispli, the pricing structure is based on the number of seats, meaning the number of people who can respond to and manage cases. For small businesses with fewer case managers, this solution may be fine. However, pricing can quickly rise for enterprise clients and companies with more complex setups.

With Elker, the number of seats is unlimited. Elker's pricing is based on the number of modules and features you would like activated, meaning you only pay for the features you require. Choosing the most cost-effective whistleblower platform is hard when the features and pricing models are so different.

Free trials and how to book a demo

Neither Whispli nor Elker offer a free trial or a free tier with their software. To get a quote for Elker, they have built a Toolkit to assess what modules your organisation needs. You can also book a demo to take a tour of the whistleblowing system.

Elker, the leading Whispli alternative

In the search for a comprehensive whistleblowing platform, Elker emerges as the superior choice over Whispli, especially for organisations seeking advanced features tailored to the Australian legal environment. With its dedicated focus on aiding Australian businesses in navigating the complexities of workplace, whistleblowing, and employment laws, Elker stands out as the ideal solution. Its commitment to security, data protection, and customizable features ensures that organisations have all the tools they need to foster a safe and compliant workplace culture. For security-conscious organizations, sometimes the most cost-effective whistleblower platform is not always the best. 

For those ready to enhance their whistleblowing protocols with a platform that truly understands the Australian context, contact Elker or book a demo of the platform.

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