Best Whistleblowing Software - Top 15 Solutions for 2024

With the many solutions available on the market, choosing the right software for your organization can be challenging. What are the key features to consider? This article will guide you through these considerations and present a roundup of the best whistleblowing software for 2024.
Best Whistleblowing Software 2024: Elker, Whispli, Whistleblower Software, Canary, Navex One, Vault Platform, Suggestion Ox, Whistlelink, EQS Integrity Line, Legality

Comparison table

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Based in
Anonymous reporting
Confidential reporting
Voice reporting
Pulse surveys
Advanced case management
iPhone/Android app
In-app legal expertise
Personalised onboardings
End-to-end encryption
Meet compliance for
EU Directive (EU)
Corporations Act (AU)
Sex Discrimination Act (AU)
Price on request
From $49 USD/month
via partners
From €70/month
via partners
From $110 USD/month
To English
From €120/month
From €49/month
International (EU focus)
via partners
From $83 USD/month
Price on request
Price on request
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Price on request
United Kingdom
International (EU/US focus)
From €29/month
From €133/month
Price on request
Price on request

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Price: Price on request
Based in: Australia
Market: Australia

Elker is a powerful and configurable anonymous reporting platform. It empowers employees to voice concerns on issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, financial misconduct, and work health and safety. Crafted by legal professionals with a deep understanding of Australia's regulatory landscape, Elker aligns with key Australian legislation including the Sex Discrimination Act, Workplace Health and Safety laws, Corporations Act, Public Interest Disclosure Act, and Respect@Work reforms.

The platform offers advanced features such as comprehensive case management pathways, group reporting, pulse surveys, and real-time analytics tailored to fit each organization's unique needs. Built with ISO 27001 standards, Elker assists businesses in the early detection of workplace issues, contributing to a safer and more inclusive work environment. Elker is an essential tool for Australian organizations and is currently used by the University of Melbourne, Solotel and AirRoad.

Price: From $49 USD/month
Based in: Czechia
Market: International
Reviews: 4.9 stars (60 reviews) on G2

FaceUp Whistleblowing System is a centralized platform for managing and addressing whistleblowing reports. Designed for employees and students, it provides a secure solution for reporting wrongdoing. With case management, customizable reporting channels, and an emphasis on transparency and a positive organizational culture, FaceUp stands out as a comprehensive solution. It is compliant with both GDPR and all whistleblower protection laws, ensuring a high level of data protection and anonymity. Furthermore, it has an easy setup process, allowing a reporting link to be created in just 15 minutes. With FaceUp, organizations can automate HR administration tasks, streamlining processes and ensuring a more efficient workflow. However, its strong alignment with EU regulations may make it less suitable for organizations outside the EU.

Price: From €70/month
Based in: Denmark
Market: International (focus on EU)
Reviews: 5 stars (102 reviews) on G2

Whistleblower Software is a secure whistleblowing system trusted by organizations in over 80 countries. It is built to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive and other major privacy laws, including GDPR. This makes it a compliant solution that fits the requirements of EU-based businesses. The platform is designed to cater to organizations of varying sizes, from small and medium enterprises to large organizations. The core feature of the anonymous reporting platform is a function that allows for confidential or anonymous two-way communication. This feature ensures that whistleblowers and those assigned to handle reports within an organization can interact securely.

Price: From $110 USD/month
Based in: USA
Market: International (focus on US market)
Reviews: 4.4 stars (72 reviews) on G2

AllVoices is an employee relations platform designed to streamline the management of workplace issues. It offers a centralized solution for collecting, managing, and resolving various employee concerns. The platform is equipped with features like HR case management, workplace investigations, and anonymous reporting, making it easier for companies to address and resolve internal issues effectively. AllVoices stands out with its AI-generated insights, which aid companies in taking proactive measures against workplace problems. This technology-driven approach ensures a safer and more responsive work environment.

Price: From €120/month
Based in: Finland
Market: EU
Reviews: 4.8 stars (33 reviews) on Capterra

Falcony is a whistleblowing tool designed to involve employees in conducting audits and checks, and reporting any identified incidents or deviations. Falcony is browser-based and compatible with all devices, making it easy for employees to report on the go and continue their work on a computer if needed. Falcony's platform provides comprehensive administrative features, allowing for full customization. This ensures that your organization's feedback forms are specifically tailored to fit your needs. It also includes user rights, roles, tags, and automated workflows, ensuring that information is automatically forwarded to the right people. Real-time statistics provided by Falcony enable organizations to identify trends and analyze risks in their operational environment, enhancing case management effectiveness.

Price: From €49/month
Based in: Sweden
Market: International (focus on EU market)
Reviews: 5 stars (23 reviews) on G2

Whistlelink, a web-based whistleblowing solution, provides a safe and anonymous platform for individuals to report misconduct and unethical behavior within organizations. GDPR-compliant and adhering to EU compliance regulations, Whistlelink is a comprehensive whistleblowing platform for the EU market. It excels in managing whistleblower reports, offering powerful, two-way, anonymous communication between the organization and the whistleblower. Whistlelink is available in 30 languages and is ISO 27001 certified for information security management.

Price: From $83 USD/month
Based in: USA
Market: USA
Reviews: 4.9 stars (27 reviews) on Capterra

Suggestion Ox is a trusted platform for reporting anonymously in the workplace, fostering open communication within organizations. It provides a secure digital suggestion box for employees to air concerns, ask questions, and report problems. Its case management capabilities enable businesses to lead anonymous two-way conversations, providing a comprehensive understanding of employee issues and enabling prompt action. Insights enable Suggestion Ox to help businesses truly understand their teams and address challenges proactively. By empowering whistleblowers and promoting a culture of honesty, Suggestion Ox allows organizations to hear the truth, leading to more engaged and satisfied teams.

Price: Price on request
Based in: Canada / International
Market: International
Reviews: 4.7 stars (11 reviews) on Capterra

Case IQ, previously known as i-Sight, is a powerful case management solution that reduces the time and cost of investigating and resolving workplace incidents. It offers a wide range of employee reporting channels, ensuring no incident slips through the cracks. Its robust case intake and streamlined case management keep investigations on track, while its secure, centralized database allows for instant comprehensive case reports and faster responses. With powerful reporting capabilities, Case IQ provides deep insight into your data, enabling early trend detection and prevention of future issues.

Price: Price on request
Based in: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Market: Southeast Asia
Reviews: 4.5 stars (3 reviews) on G2

Canary Whistleblowing System is a highly secure and efficient fraud detection platform primarily serving Southeast Asian organizations, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Recognized for its effectiveness in detecting fraud, Canary provides a safe and anonymous reporting platform for both small businesses and large companies. It is committed to creating a secure and ethical work environment, ensuring the confidentiality of whistleblowers' reports. Canary's comprehensive service includes not only a hotline for reporting misconduct, fraud, abuse, and other policy violations but also a case management service. This service provides clients with notifications, high-quality analysis, and efficient management of reports, thereby fostering an environment of trust within the organization.

Price: Price on request
Based in: United Kingdom
Market: International (Europe/US focus)
Reviews: 4.5 stars (22 reviews) on G2

Vault Platform is a UK-based whistleblowing system that serves the international market, focusing on Europe and the US. It operates as a system for corporate integrity, aiding businesses in addressing misconduct and ESG violations. It offers a reporting system for employees to disclose misconduct, anonymously or in groups with GoTogether. It also provides clear communication with the reporter, efficient case investigation and resolution through cross-department collaboration.

Pricing: From €29/month
Based in: Italy
Market: EU
Reviews: 4.4 stars (8 reviews) on Capterra

Legality Whistleblowing is a wrongdoing reporting management system designed to address workplace issues. EU Whistleblower Directive, GDPR, and other privacy laws provide a secure platform for whistleblower disclosures. Key features of Legality Whistleblowing software are voice reporting, single sign-on, mobile app, multi-company mode, and platform customization options on demand.

Pricing: 50c/user/month
Based in: Sweden
Market: EU

Whistle Willow is an easy-to-deploy whistleblower system that integrates directly with your Jira and Confluence account on Atlassian. It's designed for quick implementation and easy management of workplace issues. It offers anonymous reports within your existing setup, and public submissions via an automatically created portal. All data and interactions are kept within the Atlassian ecosystem, ensuring privacy and security.

Pricing: From €133/month
Based in: USA
Market: International
Reviews: 3.8 stars (49 reviews) on G2

Navex One is a comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance system that provides a one-stop platform for employees and managers to handle compliance-related tasks, policies, training, and disclosures. Navex One offers around-the-clock hotline and incident management analysis, IT and operational risk management, and manages onboarding and ongoing screening of third parties. It's designed to manage all types of risks arising from business operations, including employee actions, evolving regulations, and global events, ensuring a comprehensive view of your GRC program.

Pricing: Price on request
Based in: Germany
Market: International
Reviews: 4.7 stars (41 reviews) on G2

EQS Integrity Line is a secure whistleblower system that provides a confidential platform for employees to speak up about workplace issues including corruption, abuses of authority, discrimination, and harassment. This system prioritizes the protection of whistleblowers by offering an encrypted channel, ensuring utmost confidentiality. It encourages individuals to raise concerns internally before resorting to external authorities or media.

Pricing: Price on request
Based in: USA
Market: International
Reviews: 4.7 stars (45 reviews) on G2

Ethico, a whistleblowing solution with over 25 years of experience in the ethics and compliance and human resources industries, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage risk and reinforce healthy cultures within organizations. Ethico's offerings range from effective whistleblower and case management software that optimizes time management to reliable employee screening and monitoring services, and engaging e-learning modules. With a strong focus on the human element, Ethico is committed to making the world a better workplace for culture purposes.

The best whistleblowing software of 2023-2024: anonymous reporting in the workplace

Key features of a good whistleblowing platform

When considering a whistleblowing platform, you should be assessing the following features:

Security features

A secure system assures employees that their report is confidential and their anonymity is guaranteed. For organizations, stringent security measures are critical in safeguarding intellectual property, maintaining business integrity, and protecting data from tampering and external threats.

What to look for: Make sure the platform assures whistleblower confidentiality by providing end-to-end encryption. Look for ISO 27001 standards, a dedicated information security officer and a data policy that aligns with your jurisdiction.

Anonymous reporting

Anonymous two-way communication (secure live chat) is essential for real-time feedback to manage incidents. There should be multiple channels for reporting disclosures: anonymous (where your identity is completely hidden) and confidential (where your identity is visible to a select person or group).

What to look for: Ensure the software has settings that allow reporters to remain anonymous. The platform should offer guidance and tips during the reporting process. This helps the individual maintain anonymity by advising against sharing overly specific details or personal information that might inadvertently reveal their identity.

Comprehensive case management

Case management is central to a whistleblowing system. The reporting pathways should offer customization and flexibility to accommodate both the reporter and the nominated officer. It's important that reports can be efficiently directed to case officers, then tracked, monitored, resolved, and ultimately archived to manage whistleblowing reports effectively.

What to look for: An ideal system will have intuitive features for routing reports to the appropriate officers alongside tools for real-time tracking and monitoring. It should also provide seamless methods for resolution and archival, ensuring that cases are handled comprehensively from start to finish.

Employee surveys

Pulse surveys, employee feedback, and reporting evaluations are important features of an employee feedback management platform to understand workers' concerns and get honest feedback about concerns facing your organization.

What to look for: Ensure the platform provides diverse survey tools, including report feedback, customizable templates, scheduled feedback sessions, and intuitive reporting systems that simplify data interpretation.


The utility of a whistleblowing platform is amplified when it can predict trends, detect incidents early, and give an overview of case resolution stats, steering management towards actionable solutions.

What to look for: A comprehensive dashboard with real-time data visualizations, trend analysis, and detailed report generation functionalities highlighting significant patterns and insights.


An effective whistleblowing platform should be easy to implement and easily navigable, allowing users to access and utilise its features without unnecessary complications. The ease of use can directly influence the app's safety, ensuring anonymity is protected throughout the reporting pathway.

What to look for: A clean user interface, onboarding tutorials, and responsive customer support.

Mobile app

While not essential, a mobile app can extend the platform's reach, letting whistleblowers report and respond discreetly from their personal devices.

What to look for: Check if the app is available on iOS and Android, offers comprehensive features, and provides customizable notifications, ensuring whistleblower privacy.


Seamless integrations with other organizational tools and systems enhance the functionality of whistleblowing platforms. Such integrations can simplify workflows and maintain consistency across different platforms and cloud-based collaborative tools, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval.

What to look for: Native integrations with popular HR systems and authentication methods (such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 360). Ensure the platform supports seamless data flow between systems without compromising security.

Data protection

Data security is paramount, given the sensitive nature of information handled by whistleblowing platforms. These systems must employ the highest standards of security protocols to protect every piece of data, guaranteeing confidentiality and trustworthiness. Platforms should comply with data protection regulations and have strict data security measures.

What to look for: Certifications or standards like ISO 27001 or GDPR compliance, end-to-end encryption, and regular third-party audits.

Compliance with national and international regulations

Ensuring your selected whistleblowing software adheres to national and international regulations is critical. Depending on your operational regions, this could encompass adherence to whistleblowing laws such as the Corporations Act, EU Whistleblowing Directive and SOX.

What to look for: Seek platforms that explicitly list the regulations they comply with and offer features tailored to these regulations. Choose a provider that conducts regular audits to maintain compliance and offers guidance on navigating complex regulatory landscapes.


Businesses operating in different regions may require features that cater to different languages.

What to look for: Multilingual support, region-specific content adaptation, and compliance with local data storage and protection laws.


Comprehensive training sessions ensure users can effectively navigate and make the most out of the system, enhancing its overall utility and adoption rate.

What to look for: Onboarding guides, webinars, a library of how-to articles, and integrated training modules. Training should cater to technical and non-technical staff members, ensuring everyone can use the platform effectively.

Pricing structure and seats

As an organization's size and structure change, so does its need for managing different users on its platforms. A whistleblowing system must offer scalability to accommodate varying numbers of reporters and case managers, reflecting the organization's evolving needs. Small-to-medium businesses may get away with being on a lower pricing tier. However, large companies with many case managers and more complex reporting pathways will need an enterprise pricing tier.

Look for: Flexible pricing tiers that accommodate the specific needs of your organization. Avoid platforms that impose strict limits, as costs can quickly escalate. Many whistleblowing platforms offer custom pricing based on the size, features and legal support required by organizations.

Founders and staff members with legal background

Founders with a background in law and compliance bring a wealth of subject matter expertise, ensuring the platform is designed with a deep understanding of legal requirements and compliance regulations. This expertise can streamline the process of implementing a whistleblowing system in your company, reducing the risk of non-compliance and enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Look for: Founders with a background in law, demonstrating expertise in compliance regulations for your region.

Top whistleblowing solutions of 2023-2024 - Elker, the anonymous reporting platform

The importance of whistleblowing tools

There are many benefits of anonymous reporting systems that we have discussed in this blog. Some of these include:

Financial savings

On average, internal fraud deducts about 5% from a company's revenue. It is also estimated that sexual harassment costs businesses and organizations $2.6 billion in lost productivity. Whistleblowing platforms can identify risks and reduce financial losses.

Employee safety

By providing a secure channel for employees to anonymously report unsafe practices or malpractice, whistleblowing software ensures a safer work environment where potential hazards are addressed before they escalate. These tools safeguard the wellbeing of employees by ensuring whistleblower confidentiality.

Openness and transparency in the workplace

Offering a secure reporting channel clearly signals to employees that company leaders are listening, that their voices matter, and that they can speak up without fear. 

Reputation management

Without an effective whistleblowing solution, aggrieved parties might turn to external avenues, inviting unwanted media attention. A dedicated whistleblowing channel helps resolve issues internally, safeguarding an organization's reputation.

Uncover opportunities

Beyond identifying misconduct, whistleblower software can serve as a channel for employees to share feedback anonymously. Organizations can pinpoint operational inefficiencies by collecting employee feedback and ideas or uncovering potential revenue avenues.

Employee retention

By utilising employee engagement metrics and feedback, businesses can respond effectively to issues in the workplace. A wrongdoing reporting management system can help organizations identify and address issues that impact employee satisfaction and ultimately improve employee engagement.

Regulatory compliance

Whistleblowing software is instrumental in meeting various regulatory compliance measures across the globe. In the United States, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) necessitates the establishment of anonymous reporting channels, a key feature provided by whistleblowing software. The EU Whistleblowing Directive, similarly, requires organizations to set up high-level protection for whistleblowers who report breaches of EU law, a requirement efficiently met by the security measures employed by whistleblowing software. In Australia, businesses and organizations must comply with the positive duty under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984. This necessitates proactive measures to eliminate workplace sexual harassment, discrimination and victimization. Additionally, the Corporations Act in Australia emphasizes the need for formal whistleblower policies in companies of a certain size, a requirement that whistleblowing software can help fulfill by providing a structured and secure system for reporting and managing whistleblowing cases.


As the corporate world evolves, so do its challenges. Choosing and implementing effective whistleblowing software is not just about ticking a compliance box. It's about establishing a system that safeguards the integrity and ethical standards of organizations. It's about creating an environment of trust where employees feel safe to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation. It's about accountability, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and effectively. Ultimately, it's about fostering a culture of transparency and respect where everyone is part of the solution.

Ready to see the potential in action? Book a demonstration of the Elker platform and discover how we can support your organization.

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